Installation & compilation

Compile scaphandre from source

We recommand using this version of the rust toolchain or later:

cargo --version
cargo 1.48.0 (65cbdd2dc 2020-10-14)
rustc --version
rustc 1.48.0 (7eac88abb 2020-11-16)

To be sure to be up to date, you may install rust from the official website instead of your package manager.

To hack scaph, or simply be up to date with latest developments, you can download scaphandre from the main branch:

git clone
cd scaphandre
cargo build # binary path is target/debug/scaphandre

To use the latest code for a true use case, build for release instead of debug:

cargo build --release

Binary path is target/release/scaphandre.

Depending on your kernel version, you could need to modprobe the module intel_rapl or intel_rapl_common before running scaphandre:

modprobe intel_rapl_common # or intel_rapl for kernels < 5

Installation for standard usage

Here are some other ways to install scaphandre depending on your context:

Brave contributors work on system packages, please have a try and/or contribute to:

Other tutorials should come, as:

  • install scaphandre as a proper systemd service
  • scaphandre in your favorite GNU/Linux distribution (need help from packaging gurus !)
  • scaphandre on MacOSX
  • and more...