Prometheus exporter


You can launch the prometheus exporter this way (running the default powercap_rapl sensor):

scaphandre prometheus

As always exporter's options can be displayed with -h:

	scaphandre prometheus -h
	Prometheus exporter exposes power consumption metrics on an http endpoint (/metrics is default) in prometheus accepted

		scaphandre prometheus [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

        --containers    Monitor and apply labels for processes running as containers
		-h, --help       Prints help information
		-q, --qemu       Instruct that scaphandre is running on an hypervisor
		-V, --version    Prints version information

		-a, --address <address>    ipv6 or ipv4 address to expose the service to [default: ::]
		-p, --port <port>          TCP port number to expose the service [default: 8080]
		-s, --suffix <suffix>      url suffix to access metrics [default: metrics]

With default options values, the metrics are exposed on http://localhost:8080/metrics.

Use -q or --qemu option if you are running scaphandre on a hypervisor. In that case a label with the vm name will be added to all qemu-system* processes. This will allow to easily create charts consumption for each vm and defined which one is the top contributor.

Metrics provided Scaphandre are documented here.