Installation (GNU/Linux)

Depending on your kernel version, you could need to modprobe the module intel_rapl or intel_rapl_common before running scaphandre:

modprobe intel_rapl_common # or intel_rapl for kernels < 5

To quickly run scaphandre in your terminal you may use docker:

docker run -v /sys/class/powercap:/sys/class/powercap -v /proc:/proc -ti hubblo/scaphandre stdout -t 15

Or if you downloaded or built a binary, you'd run:

scaphandre stdout -t 15

Here are some other ways to install scaphandre depending on your context:

Kudos to contributors who work on system packages, please have a try and/or contribute to:

Other tutorials should come, as:

  • install scaphandre as a proper systemd service
  • scaphandre in your favorite GNU/Linux distribution (need help from packaging gurus !)
  • scaphandre on MacOSX
  • and more...